Good, Local, Gift ideas
for this Christmas.

By Audrey, Head of Guest Experience at Glen Dye

Whether you’re staying with us this or not, this list of good, local businesses and experiences are a sure fire smash hit this Christmas!


Join Ghillie for a unique whisky and food pairing.

But don’t be fooled – this is no ordinary whisky tasting and food pairing experience and the food is not just a nibble – it is a relaxing and memorable experience to enjoy as your midday or evening meal.

Allow 3-4 hours of your time to step into a time warp with a stunning view, a log fire and good company.

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Handmade chocolates from a tiny shop, inspired by the beautiful landscapes that surround them.

Using ingredients as diverse whisky, bread and cheese (yes, really) they hope to show people how amazing Scottish food and drink is. A taste of Scotland, in chocolate.


The Shop



Not only will you take in some of the beautiful countryside views, on the clearest nights the Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights) have been viewed from the top of the trail. This experience will last roughly 2 – 3 hours and it is important to take warm clothing as it can get extremely cold at the top of the trail.


The Experience



The Dee is renowned as one of the great salmon rivers of the world. With glorious pools and the fast flowing nature of the river it provides some of Scotland’s finest fly fishing water.

These Salmon fishing experiences are a must for those keen to get into the sport of salmon fishing as well as the experienced anglers that wants to fish on the historic river Dee.

The salmon fishing season in Scotland begins at the beginning of February and finishes at the end of September.


The Fishing



Days on the hill, walks and activities are all tailor made to your schedule and interests by our friend, Federica Bertolini.

She can plan one day or a whole holiday for you. Here’s some inspiration…

“Half a day or a whole day out on the hills, hiking, reaching a summit, learning about wildlife and the ways of life in the Highlands. We never go without a tasty picnic made with Scottish produce and Italian flair, sometimes we cook outdoors or get a talented chef to prepare a memorable feast.”





Join Glen Dye based, Highland Beef farmer Grace for a unique food and farm experience.

Take an exclusive tour around a working farm, meet their native breed, have the chance to photograph them, learn about their history and receive a delicious Highland Beef Tasting.

Spaces are limited so book well in advance to guarantee your spot!

Tours last around 1 hour, plus a beef tasting with tea/coffee.


Highland Cod



All of Moira Aitken’s and Claudia Paterson’s designs are made from locally sourced Scottish hardwoods.

  • Ash is highly grained, pale and creamy

  • Elm has warm tones spiked with greens and reds

  • Oak has lovely burrs and knots

  • Sycamore because it’s crisp and light in colour

Explore what they can do for you, and get in touch with them for commissions.





Scotland’s best gourmet mushroom farm, organically grown to their own tried and tested methods. Experience a world of fascinating gourmet delicacies, plus foraging and wild cooking events.


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