Tim Maddams X Glen Dye.

A delightful and aromatic day of outdoor cooking.

If you’ve stayed with us over the past 12 months or so you may have tried Caroline’s wild Glen Dye venison casserole and / or burgers.

These delicious meals have proven to be a smash hit, which got us thinking…

Wouldn’t it be fun to, every couple of months or so, work with a different chef to develop and produce a small range of wonderful meals, all rooted in the landscape of Glen Dye?

They would be the perfect thing for us to pop in the freezer for you ahead of a late arrival, or perhaps just a great chance to eat the food which grows in the gardens and fields around you.

Well, we did it!


Tim is a cook, creative and consultant dabbling in a little media, mostly about food, and generally trying to do good things the right way.

Tim’s culinary career includes all sorts of famous names (including Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall), and he is a River Cottage alumni.

He lives in Moray, north east Scotland, with his family.


Glen Dye native mutton, merguez-spiced with nigella, smoked paprika, cumin and coriander.

These deceptively simple burgers punch above their weight on the flavour scale. Chargrill for best results. Try serving them with flatbreads, a little natural yoghurt and a sprig of fresh mint from the garden.

Succulent and vigorously spiced slow braised Highland red venison, lightly sweet and salty with soy and ginger bringing in the big guns. 

This pulled venison dish is an ideal heat and eat for meat lovers. Serve with rice, potatoes or crusty bread to mop up the juices and wilted rainbow chard or a crisp green salad from the garden.


Peas and broad beans are the most natural of bedfellows. In this vegan-friendly dish, lightly breadcrumbed potato cakes take those vegetables and set them centre stage with a subtle undercurrent of fresh mint.

Pan-fry or roast them and serve with a crunchy green salad from the garden on their own, or add an egg from the Glen Dye hens, a rasher or two of bacon, or a fillet of fish.


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A big billboard with Pink backing with a slogan written across reading "Shall we just love each other? Three Billboards inside Glen Dye, Kincardineshire.

Hidden within the secret of Glen Dye, Photography by Department 2.

Snap of Glen Dye's resident chef Tim Maddams Tim Maddams X Glen Dye.

A delightful and aromatic day of outdoor cooking.