Explore the Scottish wilderness 

The Scottish Highlands are known for their mountains, glens, deep lochs and ancient woods. It is a beautiful place and one that begs to be explored.

The Glen Dye cabins and cottages are situated in a prime position for embracing the outdoors. Entirely enveloped by forest and rolling hills, there are a number of different hiking routes from the doorstep. Here we have shared a handful of our favourites.

These walks vary in levels and range from short to long routes, with some being challenging, others not so challenging, but all equally as enjoyable.

We want you to build great memories here at Glen Dye.

Old Military Road Loop

Two routes available

If you would like an easier walk – and one that’s not long – then we would suggest one of our two routes which both start and finish on Old Military Road. The shorter of these two routes is just over 2km, and the longer one is just under 5km.

Cuttieshillock to Clachnaben

Distance: 6.57km

This is a hike with a steady incline, ascending a total of 451 meters. This is a great hike that will take around 2.5 hours. Your reward is the fantastic view at the top.

This is perfect for Cuttieshillock guests, but other Glen Dye guests can park at the start of the walk, just off Old Military Road. There is another Clachnaben walk nearer the Steadings, The Bothy, The Sawmill and North Lodge, that doesn’t require driving to.

Challenging hike to Mount Battock

Not for the faint hearted

This is a challenging hike of 24.33km. This route will take you up the incline to the peak of Clachnaben, then along the Hill of Badymicks, all the way to the peak of Mount Battock. The return is a scenic route back, following the River Dye, towards Glen Dye Cabins and Cottages.

Clachnaben and Charr Loop

Distance: 13.65km

This is a moderately difficult route which should take around 4.5 hours to complete. Starting off at the edge of Kennel Wood, you will hike to the peak of Mount Clachnaben, ascending a total of 575.47 meters, before taking an extended scenic route following the River Dye, back towards Glen Dye Cabins and Cottages.

The Swimming Spot

An enjoyable hike to our secret swimming spot

This location will take around 45 minutes for you to reach. It is an enjoyable walk that takes you to one of Glen Dyes favourite swimming spots. Be sure to pack your swimwear as you will definitely want to take a dip.